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A hunter with a trophy aoudad

Aoudad Sheep

The Best Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Starting at $6,950

A hunter with a big trophy Aoudad


Free-range Aoudad hunts in the mountains of West Texas are about the most fun and challenging hunts out there. I’ve got over 500,000 acres of the best Aoudad hunting country that West Texas has to offer!  With ranches in the Chinati, Davis, and Sierra Vieja Mountains, I hunt one ranch for several days and then move to another. This keeps the hunting pressure down and the trophy quality high for all of my Texas Aoudad hunts.

It takes approximately ten years for an Aoudad to reach maturity and top trophy quality. To keep my trophy quality and success rates high, I sell a limited number of these hunts a year. They always sell out, and I’m typically booked a year or more in advance.

There are outfitters that run more Aoudad hunts than I do. They run bigger camps and they have guides that take out the hunters. My operation is a little different — I personally go on every Texas Aoudad hunt, and I personally guide my hunters to ensure their hunt is the experience of a lifetime.


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Everything you need to know



As of the Fall of 2023, I have a 100% shot opportunity on over 260 aoudad hunts, and my average harvested aoudad is over 30″ and 10+ years old. In the last 5 years I have put several rams in the top 65 in the world SCI -- and I’m always looking for that next world class ram.

The two biggest rams harvested this fall had 35″ horns and 13″+ bases, putting both sheep well into the 150’s”. The sheep taken in the Fall of 2023, plus the huge 160-4/8″ (green score) ram I killed in the Fall of 2019, and the 155+” ram taken in the Fall of 2018, all demonstrate the quality of rams I strive for, and often get.

I love sheep hunting. I am pround that I guide all of my sheep hunters myself and I am also proud  that Double Diamond Outfitters is the only outfitter in the last ten years to put two free-range aoudad in the top 25 in the world!


Don’t fool yourself.  Aoudad hunting in West Texas is real sheep hunting! 

The elevations on my ranches vary from 4,500′ to 6,200′ above sea level. The terrain is very rough and rocky — you need to come prepared to hike in the high desert carrying a backpack, water, and a rifle. Before your hunt, do as much hiking as you can. On those hikes, carry the same weight you’ll carry on your aoudad hunt and wear the same hiking boots you’ll wear on your hunt.

We’ll drive as much as we can, but we'll need to do a fair amount of hiking if you want to kill a trophy aoudad ram!

Practice, practice, practice!  Be prepared to shoot 400 yards. Get out to the range and practice as often as you can.  We’ll do our best to get close, but aoudad have great eyesight (they have 8 power vision) and the vegetation is sparse — it’s tough to get closer than 400 yards.

These are big, tough critters, with a very strong will to live. A large caliber rifle is a must. I require that hunters have a .284 (7mm) caliber minimum. This increases the probability that you can take your trophy ram home with you.

If you have any medical, or physical, issues that might hinder your aoudad hunt please let me know ASAP!  All West Texas aoudad hunts are strenuous, but some of my ranches are better suited to certain hunters, and given enough notice I can plan accordingly.

(Do you want to know more about preparing for your West Texas aoudad hunt? I've written two issues of my email newsletter on this subject that you can check out. One of them is about how you can prepare physically, and the other is about how to get your gear ready.)


Aoudad hunts are not for novice hunters. These are strenuous hunts that require physical exertion and shooting skills. Of course we'll get as close as possible to our prey to take shots, but it's not uncommon to be unable to get closer than 400 yards. These can be challenging hunts, even for experienced hunters.


The mountains of West Texas are rough and rugged. We'll use my ranch buggy to cover this vast country, driving around until we find the trophy(s) we want to persue.

Once we locate them, we'll drive as close as we can. Then it’s time to strap on our backpacks, lace up our boots, and hike to find a great shooting position. The goal, of course, is to harvest a big, mature ram. We'll take pictures and cape him on the mountain, load him in my pack, hike back to the buggy, and head back to camp. 

A typical hunting day starts before daylight with a quick breakfast, and then we’re off to start the hunt. Late morning we’ll break for brunch/lunch (typically in the field), after which we’ll hunt until late afternoon or early evening. After getting back to camp for the night, we’ll have a hearty, hot-off-the grill dinner and a relaxing evening before heading to bed.

It’s worth noting that I don’t have a big camp where you will be in a lodge with a bunch of people you don’t know. When you hunt with me, you or your group have exclusive rights to the ranch for lodging and hunting.


Aoudad, or Barbary Sheep, is a species of caprid (goat-antelope) native to the rocky mountains of Northern Africa. They are a sandy-brown color and big mature rams stand about 3-1/2’ tall at the shoulder.

I can’t say I’ve ever weighed a big Aoudad ram, but most reputable sources say they weigh about 300 pounds. Having seen a lot of big West Texas Aoudad rams laying on the ground, I think they’re more like 350 pounds.


Aoudads are exotics in Texas, and can be hunted year round. The best time to harvest a giant ram is during the rut, in September and October. If a fall hunt doesn't work for you, I also do Aoudad hunts in December and late February to early March. 

All of my Aoudad hunts are in the mountains of West Texas where I have several ranches in the Chinati, Davis, and Sierra Vieja Mountains . 

If you are traveling by air, fly into El Paso or Midland / Odessa and rent a car to drive to the ranch.

A hunter on a rocky hillside with a big trophy aoudad.


To prepare for your hunt, take a look at my packing lists. Some of the links on those lists are affiliate links — that means that I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Note, however, that I only recommend products that I use myself. In addition, take a look at my recommendations for hunting gear.

The weather in Texas can be unpredictable and can change quickly and abruptly. Make sure to check the weather forecast and pack appropriately.

Generally, summers are very hot, winters can get quite raw (especially in West Texas), and summer and fall days often have huge temperature swings with cold evenings, nights and mornings, and warm or hot afternoons.

For most hunts, prepare to dress in layers so you can add or take off clothing as temperatures shift throughout the day. For warm weather hunts, pack clothes that breathe, are well ventilated, and keep the sun off of you. For mountain hunts, avoid cotton — wool or synthetic works best.

For hunts in the late spring, summer and early fall, Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent is invaluable. We do a lot of walking through tall grass, and chiggers and ticks can be a problem. With Sawyer Permethrin you don’t have to worry about them. It's sprayed on your clothing and once it dries it’s odorless and colorless. I LOVE this product, and literally never leave home without it!

And one last - but very important - note: Do NOT wear new boots! Make sure your boots are well broken in!



Pricing is per hunter for two or more hunters; for just one hunter, call for pricing.

4 days / 3 nights


$6,950 per hunter (see hunt detail page)

Flat Fee

Aoudad Hunts

$3,000 per hunter


    • 4 days & 3 nights

    • Meals

    • Lodging

    • Guide

    • Transportation around the ranch

    • Caping your aoudad on the mountain

    • Non-hunting guests – $250/person/night

    • Rifle rental – $250/day

    • Caping off the skull & freezing hide for transport home – $200


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