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About me

Wes Mundy, Double Diamond Outfitters


I'm doing what I love

Hunter with trophy blackbuck

Howdy!  I’m Wes Mundy, the owner and operator of Double Diamond Outfitters.  Like most people with a passion for the outdoors, I grew up running around South, Central and West Texas hunting and fishing and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

After spending almost 10 years managing commercial construction, I knew it was time for a change.  I had been guiding and running hunts since I was 16 and had always dreamed of owning my own outfitting business, so I formed Double Diamond Outfitters in November of 2005, and the rest, as they say, “is history.”

I have always been heavily involved in conservation organizations, but since I started hunting professionally, I’ve become even more involved.  I’m a former vice-president of the Hill Country Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI) as well as a life member of the Dallas Safari Club, a life member of the Texas Bighorn Society, a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a member of the International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA) and a board member of the National Lacy Dog Association (NLDA).

I love to hunt any and everything, but people ask me all the time “What’s your favorite animal to hunt?”  If I was forced to pick just ONE, I’d have to say sheep…ANY sheep!  I know, sheep is really a species, and not an animal, but I’m a sheep nut. 

Every spring you’ll find me out in West Texas volunteering with the Texas Bighorn Society working to build/repair guzzlers for the desert bighorn, as well as all the other critters of the high desert; and in June you’ll find me at the Texas Bighorn Society Roundup raising money for desert bighorn.  I LOVE the hunt of the desert bighorn, but with limited tags, I get my “sheep fix” by hunting free-range aoudad in West Texas.


I've always aimed for quality

A scanned newspaper article headlined 'Offering a full hunting experience'
Double Diamond ownr Wes Mundy weaing a headset in the cockpit of a small plane

In 2019, I became a private pilot.  Texas is a big state and driving back and forth between West Texas, the Hill Country and South Texas requires several hours and many miles.  Flying makes these commutes much shorter and easier, plus it makes scouting (especially in the big country of West Texas) more efficient (and a breeze!)


I stay involved

I'm involved in quite a few organizations that support hunters here in Texas, as well as nationally and internationally. Here are some of them.

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Dallas Safari Club
Texas Bighorn Society
Trophy Game Records
SCI Texas Hill Country Chapter
Safari Club International
National Lacy Dog Association


Man in camouflage jacket standing on a hilltop

When I started Double Diamond Outfitters, I knew I wanted to provide quality hunts versus quantity hunts.  I knew that by not hiring guides I would, ultimately, limit my growth; but I also knew that by operating as a one-man show I would be able to give my personal attention to all of my hunts, and keep the quality of my hunts very high. 

As I’ve grown, I’ve worked hard to continue to run my business this way. I’ve hired staff to help with camp operations, but I still guide all of the hunts myself, with the exception of my turkey hunts (which are semi-guided) and my pronghorn hunts (which run concurrently with my fall aoudad hunts). 

But don’t worry, my pronghorn and aoudad hunts run out of the same camp, so I’m still there in camp with you for the full duration of your hunt.

Sunset over the Texas hills


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